www.tuzar.bg is website for online trading with goods.

This page (together with the documents referred to on it) tells you terms and conditions on which we sell any of the products listed on our website.

They have been accepted on 01.09.21. and published on our website.

Every single change made on the terms and conditions will be published on the same date and hour.

1. Definitions

1.1 In the current test and conditions the terms usec have the following meaning:

www.tuzar.bg is an internet postal through which the services described in section 2 are provided ;

Website- internet website www.tuzar.bg

Company – ,,buliat Group’’ LTD

Company number- 202950206

Based in village Pobeda / Dobrich number- 12

Represented by Desislava Nasteva

User: any local and/or foreign adut person and/or legal entity, whto uses the website;

Customers basket: a virtual place containing information about goods (type; price; number) which the costumer chose to buy;

Order: a statement by the user, made trough the website. By sending in the user cleclares his desire to enter into a distance selling contract with the Company.

2. Services/ Service Availability.

The Company offers the fillowing services to the users:

2.1 Buying items available in the wepsite ;

2.1.1 All of the goods are listed on website with indication of type, description and unit price.

The Company reserves the rights for pointing our that certain items are packet in package; carton; stacks or other forms that don’t allow the sale of only one piece.

The Company reserves the rights to have a longer delivery time in case cartain items are not available in the company’s ware house or additional transport time is required to provide them;

2.1.2 The prices of the individual items are single or for all items in a package/carton/stack, if cannot be sold in single pieces.

All prices include VAT, in Bulgarian levs. The prices announced on the website are valid until the clepletion of the items;

2.1.3 Shipping fee is not incluted in thbe item price;

2.1.4 The Company reserve the rights to change the prices of the offered items, without the need to announce is before hand.

Each costumer is to pay the price which is current at the time of the deal, according to the terms and conditions;

3. Terms and conditions for using the sales services.

Payment and delivery.

3.1 By selecting items to purches, the customer resives information about his basket with goods;

-the unit prices of the selected items according to their type, quaintly and price announced on the website;

-the total of the made purches :

3.2 The customer choses how to pay between:

-Cash on delivery (payment of of the value of the goods to the courier upon receipt)

3.3 Adjustment can be made by the customer, before he/she presses the botton for arder.

By pressing the order the customer agrees on his decision.

By placing his, order the customer agrees on this terms:

-type and quantity of the chosen items; subject of sale;

-price of the purches;

-delivery address and payment method;

-the conclusion of the distant contact of the purches and its current terms and conditions

3.4 All additional custs for delivery, storage, return of the items, in case of a wrong addess, are entirely at the expense of the customer.

3.5 After reciving the purches, the company confirms the possibility to fulfill the same by sending an e-mail of phone call. Fron the moment the deal is made. In case the company cannot fulfill the order due to the fact that in does not company notifies the customer within 3 working days from the date of receipt of the order.

In the case, company refunds to the customer the amount paid by him, if there is one. Unless the customer has requested a replacement with ofher items.

The company in not responsible for damages from an unfulfilled reques due to exhaustion of the items on stock.

The company has the rignt to offer the customer items of the same quality and price as those in the order and informs him about its rights to do this.

4. Guarantees; security and Reliability

4.1 The company guarantees the right of each customer who has made a purhces from the website, within 14 days from the date of order to return the items in came contidion under the following condition.

-no visable damge on the items

-the items are in their package and in the same condition as they were clelivered.

-Together with the items, the documents with which it was delivered.

– warranty arol, invoice, certificate of other, depending on the items;

4.2 The costumer must notifie the company of his withdrawl from the contact by r-mail to:

office @www.tuzar.bg

This customer returns the items at his expense to the office of a couries company on the day of notification, leut not later than the with drawal period under item 4.1 from the terms and conditions, if there id on other agreement with the company.

4.3 When the customer with the terms from point 4.1 and point 4.2 from the terms condition policy, the company guarantees refund in 5 days from when the order was placed and returned base.

The company does not refund to pays for shopping fee if the berms and conditions was not completed.

4.4 The company maintains the website with the necessary care to be able to ensure the reliability and security of the provided services.

Access to the website may be temporality restricted due to hardware and software maintenance and case, technical problems beyond the company control, force majeure other similar reasons.

The company is not responsible for any lost information, unsended messages. ets!

4.5 Customers provide their data voluntarily and are responsible for their accuracy and correctness when placing an order or other actions related to the use of the website.

Before comfining and sending the provided information to the company the customer shall check it.

Any mistaken information made by the customer like (wrong address; name; phone number) are at the customer expenses. If there is invalid information making the order imposable in does not bind the company.

4.6 The company is registered as personal data administrator in terms with the, Personal Data Protection Act and has the right to use personal information provided by the customer. In accordance with the Bulgarian law. The company provides the needed care and protection of the customers personal data.

4.7 In case of the breaking the terms and conditions rules the company has the following rights:

-Restrict the rights of access of the website to users who have provided incorrect information data;

-To have other actions permitted law, at it’s discretion:

4.8 For the avoidance of any doubt, the company has the right from point 4.7 from the /GTS/ ,,Terms and condition’’ rules and in case there is a thread for the website made by the user/customer.

4.9 The website contains links to other websites for which the company is not responsible.

4.10 The current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria applies to the current /GTS/ ,,Terms and condition’’ and any disputes in connection with the same will be referred to the Arbitration Court of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry , unless the Civil Procedure Code provides for the possibility of other proceedings.